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Unfit to Govern: Michigan’s MAGA Leaders and the Erosion of Political Integrity – A takeaway from the Trump Rally in Freeland Michigan.

Michigan’s political scene lately feels more like a poorly scripted reality TV show, and at the center of this are MAGA leaders like House Minority Leader Matt Hall (R) and Tudor Dixon. Their recent speeches at a Trump rally in Freeland were, to put it mildly, a dumpster fire inside a train wreck during a clown show. They were chosen to speak at Trump’s campaign rally so we can see that these are the voices and the narrative that the state’s party wants to platform this election cycle.

Let’s start with Matt Hall, who seems to think that the best way to do politics is by playing fast and loose with the truth. Hall skipped out on actually legislating yesterday, he missed votes in the MI House, one that would address the paramedic shortage, to give a xenophobic speech at a Trump rally to fuel unwarranted fears against immigrants. And remember his claim about Governor Whitmer giving rent subsidies to asylum seekers? Yes, that gem that has been debunked many times, and yet, here he is, doubling down like a conspiracy theorist at a UFO convention. Keep in mind Hall and his caucus members too many to count racism scandals occurred while he was demanding Michigan’s first Black House Speaker give up his power to Hall who once said, “The South will rise again..” and has had his current girlfriend call 911 on him. We digress..

Not to be outdone, Tudor Dixon took the stage with what can only be described as a masterclass in how to achieve rock bottom in political decorum. Dixon decided that a baseless and frankly disgusting accusation against Governor Whitmer was her go-to move. Her claim? Suggesting a scandalous affair with the disgraced former Republican House Speaker, Lee Chatfield.

“I don’t know if you saw the latest video where [Whitmer] talks about nicknames,” said Dixon. “She has a bunch of different nicknames. She left one out, did you notice that? You know the nickname I’m talking about? Stretchen Gretchen. Just between us girls, when you’re campaigning, you hear a lot of stuff you normally wouldn’t hear, and one of our legislators told me that Lee Chatfield was pretty familiar with that name. I guess I can’t accuse her of not being bipartisan anymore, huh?”

Chatfield was recently charged with financial crimes and has had his sister in law accuse him of raping her while she was at a christian school that his father was principal at. Other family members have corroborated.

These speeches aren’t just bad politics; they’re an all-out assault on the concept of reasoned discourse and truthfulness. It’s as if Hall and Dixon are trying to compete for the “Who Can Dive Lower?” award in the Olympic pool of political decency.

What Michigan needs—and deserves—is leaders who can actually lead, not those who spread misinformation and stoop to personal attacks that would make school bullies cringe. The residents of Michigan should demand better because leadership should lift up communities with inspiration and integrity, not drag them down into the mud for political points.

At the end of the day, it’s clear that Hall and Dixon’s approach to politics isn’t just ineffective—it’s corrosively divisive. The people of Michigan must ask themselves whether these are the kinds of leaders they want shaping their state’s future. Of course, none of this should be surprising in a political climate where their dear leader, Donald Trump, set the gold standard for falsehoods and scandal. This is a man whose presidency was a relentless exhibition of dishonesty and fraud. Hall and Dixon are just following the trail blazed by Trump, where deceit is a strategy and decency isn’t even a consideration.


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