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The Police Association of Michigan’s Endorsement of Donald Trump: A Betrayal of Trust

The Police Association of Michigan’s endorsement of Donald Trump for president is an absolute disgrace. Trump, a man saddled with 88 felony indictments, found guilty of rape in a civil trial, and responsible for inciting an insurrection that resulted in the death of a Capitol police officer and injuries to dozens more, is the antithesis of what law enforcement should represent.

It’s baffling and deeply concerning that a body meant to uphold the highest standards of law and order would support someone whose actions have so blatantly undermined those very principles. Trump’s track record is not just a political liability; it’s a catalogue of actions that flirt dangerously with outright criminality.

By endorsing Trump, the Police Association of Michigan betrays not only the public trust but also the fundamental duties of police officers to serve and protect with integrity. This endorsement will erode crucial community trust and respect for police at a time when both are sorely needed. It sends a chilling message that law enforcement backs power over principle, and lawlessness over justice.

This is a sad day for those who respect the rule of law in Michigan. The association should be ashamed, and the public rightly outraged, that law enforcement would endorse a figure so contrary to the values they are sworn to uphold. This decision must be condemned by all who believe in the integrity of policing and the importance of moral leadership within our law enforcement institutions.


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