The No. 1 Place to be in 2023

Jan 25, 2023

Where is the no. 1 place to be in 2023?

The hottest place to be and be seen in 2023 is not some exotic locale or quaint coastal town. Many of us have taken our 2022 post pandemic vacays and returned to fuckery in our local schools and communities, ie. the bigoted fascists reading porn in school board meetings and ending county diversity programs. We do have actual problems that need attention so demanding that CRT be removed from our kids curriculum all the while not giving a shit about the dropping literacy rates and kids bringing guns to school is laughable.

So where will be flocking to in 2023?  A place that will make us feel empowered.  A place where many of us would never have dreamed it necessary to go…but once we get there together we’ll be intoxicated by the empowerment.  Some of us have been there before.  For many others it may be the first time. It is a place we can flex our power and satiate our wanderlust. It could also be a pretty good IG selfie spot.

This year, we will go to school and library board meetings, county commission meetings and town councils – anywhere you can have your voice heard to protect your family and community.

Passport, expensive flights and overpriced hotels not required, just your protest tee and and a few minutes of your favorite hype music pumping through your ear pods on the way in!

This community center/town hall/school/civic building has everything— lines reminiscent of those at trendy night clubs, traumatic 2020 flashbacks, warring factions standing on the sidewalk with signs, folks on IG Live, bad lighting for your selfie, equally bad sound system with officials constantly forgetting to turn on their mics and the weight of saving decency and warding off racism/homophobia/fascism in your community resting on your shoulders. 

Sure to become a life time favorite destination, your local community center will never go out of style, and good news, you’ll get to meet some really cool allies and find out which of your neighbors are indeed secretly watching Tucker every night, oh and you might even catch a Distiller stalking around shaking shit up!

Politics is all local in 2023!

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