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The Most Radical GOP Agenda

The Republican Study Committee has recently unveiled a report detailing its plans should the Republicans maintain control of the House, reclaim the Senate, and win the presidency. This report outlines an agenda that is among the most radical ever proposed in U.S. Congress history. The Committee, a major caucus within the Republican Party, boasts approximately 170 congressional members backing this plan.

The report, named “Fiscal Sanity to Save America,” outlines a budget plan that the Republicans aim to implement next year. This budget includes significant reductions in government spending and introduces several policies that may not align with the views of the typical American.

Key proposals in the budget include:

  • Raising the age for eligibility for retirement benefits, such as Social Security;
  • Introducing the Life At Conception Act, which would ban abortion and IVF, affecting millions;
  • Trimming portions of the Affordable Care Act, which would lead to higher healthcare expenses for many Americans;
  • Overhauling Medicare to reduce the eligibility pool.
  • Banning universal free school lunches

Members of the Republican Study Committee  from Michigan include:

Rep. Jack Bergman

Rep. Bill Huizenga

Rep. John James

Rep. Lisa C. McClain

Rep. John R. Moolenaar

Rep. Tim Walberg

You can click here to read the full report: https://hern.house.gov/uploadedfiles/final_budget_including_letter_web_version.pdf


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