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Senator Katie Britt’s MOMS Act: A Disturbing Step Towards Surveillance of Pregnant Individuals

Senator Katie Britt of Alabama, who previously caught public attention for her weird overacting on a televised rebuttal to President Biden’s State of the Union address, has now introduced a deeply troubling piece of legislation—the More Opportunities for Moms to Succeed Act (MOMS Act). This act, which proposes the creation of a federal website called Pregnancy.gov, is a dangerous overreach into the personal lives of pregnant individuals, setting a precedent for unacceptable levels of surveillance and control under the guise of support.

The premise of Pregnancy.gov, according to Senator Britt, is to serve as a clearinghouse for resources for pregnant and postpartum women, as well as those parenting young children. However, the proposed mechanism—to collect personal information through a series of questions and allow government officials to follow up for more details—smacks of a dystopian surveillance tool rather than a benevolent resource platform. This invasive approach is not only a gross violation of privacy but also opens the door to potential misuse of sensitive data.

Even more insidious is the act’s directive to connect users to so-called “crisis pregnancy centers.” These centers are infamous for their unethical practices, often providing misleading or outright false information to dissuade individuals from considering abortion. By officially routing vulnerable women to these deceptive organizations, Pregnancy.gov would be complicit in a systemic misinformation campaign, dressed up as government-endorsed healthcare guidance.

This legislation represents a horrifying step towards a society where the reproductive decisions of individuals are monitored and manipulated by the state. It is an affront to the principles of privacy and autonomy that should be at the heart of a democratic society. The idea that a federal database should track and intervene in the personal healthcare decisions of women is not only paternalistic but also dangerously authoritarian.

Critics of the MOMS Act must recognize the broader implications of such a database. It is not merely an overstep but a potential tool for control and oppression, reminiscent of darker times and regimes where personal freedoms were curtailed in the name of public good. The healthcare of pregnant individuals should be guided by medical professionals and personal choice, not by government officials with ulterior motives.

Senator Britt’s bill, therefore, should not be seen as an attempt at supporting mothers but as what it truly is—a disgraceful and nefarious attempt to surveil and control women under the veneer of assistance and resource provision. As constituents and advocates for civil liberties, we must vehemently oppose the MOMS Act and any similar efforts that threaten our fundamental rights and dignities.


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