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Pro-Life, Pro-Lie: The GOP’s Masterclass in Hypocrisy

Welcome to Michigan, where the “pro-life” rhetoric of House Republicans crashes spectacularly against the rocky shores of reality. Recently, Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently signed a bill to overturn the nation’s only ban on paid surrogacy agreements and to bolster protections for IVF families—including those in the LGBTQ+ community. She called these reforms “commonsense, long overdue changes.” Yet, despite the apparent benefits of such progressive measures, every single Michigan House Republican decided to turn a cold shoulder.

Why does this matter? It highlights a staggering level of hypocrisy among a group that loudly trumpets their devotion to “pro-life” and “pro-family” values while actively voting against measures designed to help people actually start families. Let’s dive into this cauldron of contradictions and expose just how out of touch these so-called family advocates really are.

Michigan was an outlier with its archaic ban on surrogacy, a restriction that seemed more at home in a dystopian novel than in the law books of a democratic state. This ban not only limited family-building options but also flew in the face of what it means to support life and family in all its forms.

The bill’s journey through the legislature was a stark display of partisan politics. While it did manage to snag a couple of Republican votes in the Senate, the main bill faced a complete shutdown from the House Republicans. This unanimous decision against the bill by the GOP members contrasts sharply with their self-professed mantra of being “pro-life” and “pro-family.” How can one claim to champion family values yet oppose a bill that directly supports diverse family structures and provides more individuals the joy of parenthood?

The Dems legislation ensures robust protections for all parties involved in surrogacy. The requirements include being at least 21 years old, undergoing thorough medical and mental health consultations, and securing independent legal representation. These stipulations are designed to safeguard the interests and well-being of the surrogate carriers—hardly the actions of a government looking to exploit its citizens, but rather the measures of one striving to protect them.

So, why the opposition? It appears to be a mix of outdated ideologies and a refusal to recognize the evolving nature of family and parenthood. By voting against such a bill, the Michigan GOP has showcased a glaring hypocrisy: proclaiming to uphold life while simultaneously hindering the formation of families in a safe, legal, and ethical manner.

Critics of the bill argue various points, but none hold water when scrutinized. The opposition seems rooted less in concern for ethical complexities and more in a desire to maintain a status quo that no longer serves the public interest. In doing so, they expose themselves not just as anti-progressive but as fundamentally anti-family, at least in any modern, inclusive sense of the word.

Real support for life extends beyond the womb and includes supporting viable, diverse, and ethical avenues for family formation, but also ensuring that both the child and mother receive the necessary care and support after birth. It encompasses a commitment to providing healthcare, education, and economic assistance that can help families thrive. This holistic approach affirms the value of life at all stages and promotes a supportive environment for mother and child alike. As it stands the MAGAs position is pro-life in name only, a slogan worn like a badge but not honored in legislative practice. It’s time they reassess what it truly means to be pro-family, or perhaps more accurately, it’s time for voters to reassess them.


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