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Michigan GOP’s Border Bonanza: Cosplay, $8 Million, and Ignoring Immigrant Contributions

Welcome, folks, to another dazzling episode of “When Priorities Go South” — starring none other than the Michigan GOP.

Let’s set the stage with a bit of backstory. Not too long ago, Trump nixed what was widely considered the strongest and fairest bipartisan border security deal in decades. Why? Because why solve a problem when you can use it to rally votes? It’s like cancelling Christmas and then running on a platform of bringing back Christmas..

Meanwhile, back in the scenic state of Michigan House Minority Leader Matt Hall has been cooking up a drama of his own. Fresh from voting against funding for the Michigan National Guard — yes, the very entity he now wants to send on a costly field trip to the border — Hall seems to have embraced a “do as I say, not as I do” philosophy.

Last week, he and Senate Minority Leader Aric Nesbitt swapped their suits for “border agent” costumes and flew to Eagle Pass, Texas. There, they posed for the cameras hosted by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Because nothing says “I’m tackling Michigan’s issues” like a taxpayer-funded excursion to another state.

Upon their return, not skipping a beat, Hall and Nesbitt called for an $8 million investment to send Michigan’s National Guard to the Southern border. One might wonder, with schools, roads, and health care demanding attention at home, why the sudden urge to play border patrol? But that’s the beauty of political theater — it doesn’t have to make sense if it distracts from the real issues. Not to mention that they see only what they want to see, conveniently ignoring the fact that immigrants play a crucial role in our state’s prosperity. From agriculture to technology, healthcare to hospitality, immigrants are the backbone of many industries here. But hey, who needs economic sense when you can score political points by fear-mongering about borders?

So here’s to the Michigan GOP, who have transformed state governance into an art form of misplaced priorities and misdirected funds. While real challenges loom large, they prefer to engage in a game of make-believe, treating complex issues as nothing more than props in their partisan performance.

The GOP could have supported and passed the bipartisan border security bill in congress, which would have brought much greater federal resources to secure the border, expedited deportation proceedings and evaluation of asylum applications but they choose to kill it for Trump to play political games. They don’t get our troops and our tax money to use as pawns in their games.


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