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Katie Britt’s State of the Union Rebuttal: More Drama Than a Prime-Time Soap

In what was supposed to be the Republican retort to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, Britt decided that subtlety is so last season, and instead, went full-on drama queen, giving us a performance that had more in common with a dystopian drama than a political speech.

Britt, who made history as the youngest Republican ever to sidle up to the Senate bar, didn’t hold back. She took swings at Biden’s economic and border policies with gusto, even telling a misleading story that she pretended was an anecdote about current poor border policies but her story took place during the Bush administration. But it wasn’t her points that had people talking—it was the way she delivered them. Between being on the brink of tears and whispering like she’s sharing state secrets, Britt’s delivery was…let’s go with ‘unique.’

Critics were quick to point out that her performance was reminiscent of a world where women wear red cloaks and bonnets as a daily uniform, and not in a good way. Others couldn’t help but compare her to something you’d see in a late-night comedy sketch, Saturday Night Live got the message and ripped her apart on their next episode, suggesting that perhaps Britt was auditioning for a second career in improv comedy. Overdramatic? Weird? Those were some of the kinder descriptors floating around the internet post-speech.

In her fervent attempt to paint a picture of Americans suffering under Biden’s presidency, Britt’s presentation toggled between teary-eyed despair and emphatic whispers. It seems she was going for “gravely concerned senator,” but ended up more “drama club president on opening night.”

This spectacle has certainly fueled the fire of political discourse, giving both pundits and the Twitterverse plenty to talk about. We even threw our own hat in the ring with a recent video breakdown, because honestly, who could resist?


The GOP for real had a woman from a state without repro rights sit in her kitchen and try to appeal to subhurban women 🙄 #stateoftheunion #katiebritt #republicansbelike

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In the grand scheme of things, Britt’s response will be remembered not so much for its content but for its delivery. In a world where politics often feels like theater, Senator Katie Britt reminded us that sometimes, the show really must go on—whether the critics are ready for it or not.


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