We All Have The Right To Bear Arms

But we want it done responsibly. Common sense gun control now.


Distill Social is a proud member of the End Gun Violence Michigan Coalition.

End Gun Violence in Michigan

What you can do from End Gun Violence Michigan.

Friends –

Our hearts are broken and we are grieving with the MSU community today for the tragic loss of life and safety they are experiencing. Our members and leaders include MSU alumni, teachers, students, and parents, and the community members who love and serve them.

Please see below for what you can do right now.

1. Call your legislator.

The only way this gets any better is when our lawmakers stand up and pass common sense gun legislation.

Call them and tell that you’re demanding action immediately on gun violence legislation. We want:

  • Safe storage
  • Extreme risk protection orders (red flag laws)
  • Universal background checks
  • Protections for domestic violence survivors

2. Pack the coffee hours and community meet ups!
Visit your legislative coffee hours and office hours.  Urge them to support this package of legislation!

3. Send a Thank You!
Does your legislator support these bills? Let them know you appreciate their support of this life saving legislation.


Tired of seeing so much disinformation on your screens? Ready to help us combat "armchair activists? " It's time to step up and join our movement. Help us Distill the truth. Action must be taken now.


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