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What is the most impactful thing you can do this week?  Making sure everyone you know has voted!

It isn’t enough to ask people to vote, we need to make sure that they’ve voted!  We have a system that will allow you to check that your own ballot and that of your friends/family/neighbors have been received by the clerks office.  It will also show you if your ballot has been rejected – giving you a chance to rectify any issue.

Join us for a brief training (less than 30 minutes), we will be running several options each day for training on Zoom.  Register here and we’ll send you zoom links for the various options each day between now and Election Day (you only need to do ONE training!)

Let’s spend this last few days before the election focused on getting everyone we know how to vote and making sure they do!

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Nov 06 - 07 2022
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