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Enough is Enough: Exposing the GOP’s Sickening Culture of Violence Against Women

Enough is enough. The latest scandal involving Rep. Neil Friske is just another sickening chapter in the ongoing saga of right-wing politicians’ rampant disrespect and violence against women. Friske, recently released from jail, faces potential felony charges of sexual assault, assault, and a weapons charge after a night at a strip club turned into a horrifying altercation with an employee, culminating in him brandishing a weapon on her at another location around 3 AM Friday morning. This is beyond disgraceful; it’s infuriating.

How many times do we have to hear about yet another Republican figure embroiled in scandalous, criminal behavior towards women? Earlier this year, we learned the Michigan House Republican Minority Leader Matt Hall had been under investigation for assault after his girlfriend called 911 on him. And let’s not forget the grotesque high-profile case of the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump being convicted in civil court of rape. The culture of violence against women within the GOP is not just a series of isolated incidents; it is a systemic issue that reveals their true, vile nature.

The former MI GOP Republican House Leader Lee Chatfield was credibly accused by his sister-in-law of rape and sexual abuse starting when she was a teenager at a school he worked at—his father, the principal, perpetuating a cycle of silence and abuse. And then there’s Republican Rep. Bob Bezotte, whose wife of 50 years filed for divorce, citing years of mental, emotional, and physical abuse.

This pattern of behavior isn’t just coincidence; it’s a damning indictment of the GOP’s toxic, misogynistic culture. What’s worse, fellow Republicans consistently fail to hold their own accountable, allowing this dangerous culture to fester unchecked.

This is the party that wants to strip women of their rights, control their bodies, and reduce them to second-class citizens. They fight against our autonomy, from blocking access to healthcare and birth control to undermining our right to vote and divorce. They are not champions of freedom and family values; they are oppressors who perpetuate harm and silence victims.

Women, it’s time to stand up and say no more. We cannot afford to support politicians who treat us as anything less than equals. We must refuse to vote for men who believe they have the right to dominate and control us. This is a call to action—demand accountability, demand respect, and demand a political landscape where violence against women is not tolerated, but eradicated. It’s time to end the culture of abuse in the GOP and fight for a future where women’s rights are non-negotiable and our safety is a given.


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