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Echoing Nonsense: MAGA’s Favorite Pastime

Oh, the MAGA movement, where the borders are always under siege, even when the only “invasion” most followers personally experience is the seasonal migration of birds. We recently stumbled upon a gem of a video from the Presidential primary. A MAGA enthusiast, brimming with patriotic fervor, proudly declared that the border was his top issue when voting for President Trump. But wait for the punchline: he admitted he’s as affected by border issues as he is by the plot twists in a telenovela – that is, not at all.

It’s a masterclass in political parroting: repeat after me, “The border is a crisis!” No matter if the closest you’ve come to a border crisis is choosing between Taco Bell and Chipotle. This isn’t just about having a laugh at the expense of one voter’s cognitive dissonance. It’s a spotlight on a favorite MAGA hobby – chanting slogans with the enthusiasm of a sports fan, deeply invested in the game’s outcome, yet blissfully unaware of how the game is played, or why it even matters.

This uncritical repetition of talking points serves as a foundation for MAGA’s group identity. It’s as if the movement handed out scriptbooks at the door: “Here are your concerns. Feel free to not think too deeply about them.” The border crisis? Sure, it sounds dire enough to be worth a shout, even if the most immediate crisis some MAGA followers face are all things democratic policies aim to address..

The beauty of this phenomenon is its simplicity. No need to delve into messy details or entertain complex socio-political realities. Why bother, when a good slogan does the heavy lifting? It turns political discourse into a parrot’s paradise, where the loudest echo wins, disconnected from pesky things like factual accuracy.

Watch the video here:


We chatted with folks in the suburbs just outside of Detriot who had voted in Michigan’s prinary election.This was one voter. #magasinaction #election2024 #michiganprimary #michiganders

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