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Corporate Media’s Epic Failure: The Double Standard on Trump vs. Biden


It’s time we faced the brutal truth: the corporate media is failing us. The discrepancy in how they report on Donald Trump versus Joe Biden is not just glaringly obvious; it’s downright dangerous.

Opinion: Corporate Media's Epic Failure: The Double Standard on Trump vs. Biden
Opinion: Corporate Media’s Epic Failure: The Double Standard on Trump vs. Biden

Consider this: Joe Biden flubs a debate performance, and the media vultures circle, calling for his resignation. Yet, Donald Trump, adjudicated rapist and felon, skates by without a peep demanding he step down. This isn’t just a double standard; it’s a scandal. The billionaire owned corporate media’s failure to call out Trump’s heinous actions with the same intensity they reserve for Biden’s minor missteps is nothing short of journalistic malpractice. It’s almost like it doesn’t fit their agenda.

Let’s talk about Project 2025. This initiative threatens to dismantle the very structure of our democracy, yet it barely makes a blip on the media’s radar. Why? The corporate media would rather chase after trivial headlines than tackle the stories that truly matter, like the looming threat to our democratic institutions. A few days ago the New York Times published a piece titled. ” Why I Don’t Vote, And Why Maybe You Shouldn’t Either. The author, Hillsdale College grad Matthew Walther does in fact vote. A quick check that required under 5 minutes of our time confirmed he voted in 2020 and 2022. A few months ago the same paper published an article titled, “Trump Respects Women, Most Men Say. ” We cancelled our subscription after that one.

Then there’s the New York Post’s recent despicable article suggesting Kamala Harris could become the first “DEI president.” This overtly racist commentary was allowed to stand with minimal backlash. Meanwhile, the same media hounds Biden for every gaffe and stumble. The double standard is not just hypocritical; it’s toxic. By giving a platform to such racist drivel, the media is complicit in perpetuating dangerous stereotypes.

The most egregious failure, however, is the media’s near-silence on the Epstein documents. These documents reveal Trump’s involvement in vile acts of sexual misconduct, forcing young girls to perform sex acts while he watched. This should be front-page news, yet it’s buried beneath layers of inconsequential coverage. The media’s reluctance to hammer Trump with the same vigor they use against Biden is a damning indictment of their priorities.

This isn’t just about journalistic bias; it’s about the corporate media’s abdication of their responsibility to the public. They’re more interested in clickbait and advertising dollars than in holding the powerful accountable. Their selective outrage and skewed reporting are eroding trust in the press and, by extension, in our democratic processes.

We’re sick of it. We’re tired of a media landscape that lets a perverted degenerate like Trump off the hook while crucifying Biden for simply being old. Trump is old too and he is a rapist and a racist. We’d like to see him try to ride a bike. We digress though. This isn’t just unfair; it’s dangerous. Democracy cannot survive without a free and fair press, and right now, we don’t have one.

A bright spot.. Fortunately, here in Michigan, we are blessed with some stellar local reporting. Our local journalists are tenacious, thorough, and committed to uncovering the truth. We suggest following them individually online. While the billionaire owned corporate media flounders, Michigan’s reporters are holding the powerful to account and delivering the news that truly matters. We should be turning to these local sources for our information, supporting the journalists who are doing the work that the corporate media has abandoned.


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