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Biden’s Picket Line Cameo vs. Trump’s Union Cosplay

When it comes to standing up for the working class, President Joe Biden didn’t just talk the talk; he walked the walk—right onto a UAW picket line, making presidential history. There he was, not just another suit, but a beacon of solidarity with the United Auto Workers in Michigan. This wasn’t for the ‘Gram; it was a genuine gesture of support for labor rights, the kind of move that sends a clear message: “I’m with you.”

Now, let’s flip the script to Donald Trump’s version of “union support.” Picture this: a rally at a non-union shop, peppered with folks holding “UAW workers for Trump” signs—a spectacle that’s about as genuine as a three-dollar bill. UAW President Shawn Fain called Trump a “scab,” painting a vivid picture of Trump’s attempts to mimic labor solidarity as nothing more than political theater. It’s as if Trump glanced at a playbook for “How to Win Over Workers” and decided improvisation was the way to go—resulting in a performance so unconvincing it’d get laughed off Broadway.

While Trump seemed to be auditioning for the role of “Man of the People,” Biden’s commitment to labor was not just a cameo appearance. His track record of supporting fair wages and workers’ rights isn’t new; it’s the backbone of his political identity. Meanwhile, Trump’s attempts at labor love feel like a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift bought at a gas station—desperate and a little sad.

The UAW throwing its full support behind Biden isn’t just an endorsement; it’s a declaration of which side understands the heart of America’s workforce. Our footage shows the stark difference: Biden stands with workers, not above them, while Trump’s rallies look more like a misguided costume party.


Trump stands for the billionnaires, not the working class. @UAW International Union #dumptrump #uaw #michigancheck #election2024

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In the end, workers face a choice between genuine solidarity and, well, whatever Trump is attempting. It’s clear who truly stands with them, and spoiler alert: it’s not the guy who thinks “union” is just another word to slap on a campaign poster.


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