The Police Association of Michigan’s Endorsement of Donald Trump: A Betrayal of Trust

The Police Association of Michigan’s endorsement of Donald Trump for president is an absolute disgrace. Trump, a man saddled with 88 felony indictments, found guilty of rape in a civil trial, and responsible for inciting an insurrection that resulted in the death of a Capitol police officer and injuries to dozens more, is the antithesis of what law enforcement should represent.

It’s baffling and deeply concerning that a body meant to uphold the highest standards of law and order would support someone whose actions have so blatantly undermined those very principles. Trump’s track record is not just a political liability; it’s a catalogue of actions that flirt dangerously with outright criminality.

By endorsing Trump, the Police Association of Michigan betrays not only the public trust but also the fundamental duties of police officers to serve and protect with integrity. This endorsement will erode crucial community trust and respect for police at a time when both are sorely needed. It sends a chilling message that law enforcement backs power over principle, and lawlessness over justice.

This is a sad day for those who respect the rule of law in Michigan. The association should be ashamed, and the public rightly outraged, that law enforcement would endorse a figure so contrary to the values they are sworn to uphold. This decision must be condemned by all who believe in the integrity of policing and the importance of moral leadership within our law enforcement institutions.

The Most Radical GOP Agenda

The Republican Study Committee has recently unveiled a report detailing its plans should the Republicans maintain control of the House, reclaim the Senate, and win the presidency. This report outlines an agenda that is among the most radical ever proposed in U.S. Congress history. The Committee, a major caucus within the Republican Party, boasts approximately 170 congressional members backing this plan.

The report, named “Fiscal Sanity to Save America,” outlines a budget plan that the Republicans aim to implement next year. This budget includes significant reductions in government spending and introduces several policies that may not align with the views of the typical American.

Key proposals in the budget include:

Members of the Republican Study Committee  from Michigan include:

Rep. Jack Bergman

Rep. Bill Huizenga

Rep. John James

Rep. Lisa C. McClain

Rep. John R. Moolenaar

Rep. Tim Walberg

You can click here to read the full report:

OPEC’s Impeccable Timing

In a move that has absolutely nothing to do with politics (wink, wink), OPEC has graciously decided to voluntarily cut oil production. What does this mean for us mere mortals? Well, brace yourselves for a delightful hike in gas prices, just in time to spice up the upcoming presidential election.

Now, why would OPEC do such a thing, you ask? Surely, it’s all about stabilizing the global market and has nothing to do with a fondness for the Trump family. It’s purely coincidental that higher gas prices might stir public discontent, potentially swaying voters. And let’s not dwell on the uncanny convenience of how these price hikes could benefit certain, let’s say, ‘entrepreneurial’ members of the Trump clan (nudge, nudge, Jared Kushner).

So, as we watch the gas prices soar, let’s remember to thank OPEC for their impeccable timing and not so subtle political preferences. After all, who doesn’t love a good mystery where the only clues are billions of dollars and the shadow of geopolitics? Strap in, everyone—it’s going to be a bumpy, expensive ride on the gas guzzling roller coaster of geopolitical chess and familial profit.

Biden’s Picket Line Cameo vs. Trump’s Union Cosplay

When it comes to standing up for the working class, President Joe Biden didn’t just talk the talk; he walked the walk—right onto a UAW picket line, making presidential history. There he was, not just another suit, but a beacon of solidarity with the United Auto Workers in Michigan. This wasn’t for the ‘Gram; it was a genuine gesture of support for labor rights, the kind of move that sends a clear message: “I’m with you.”

Now, let’s flip the script to Donald Trump’s version of “union support.” Picture this: a rally at a non-union shop, peppered with folks holding “UAW workers for Trump” signs—a spectacle that’s about as genuine as a three-dollar bill. UAW President Shawn Fain called Trump a “scab,” painting a vivid picture of Trump’s attempts to mimic labor solidarity as nothing more than political theater. It’s as if Trump glanced at a playbook for “How to Win Over Workers” and decided improvisation was the way to go—resulting in a performance so unconvincing it’d get laughed off Broadway.

While Trump seemed to be auditioning for the role of “Man of the People,” Biden’s commitment to labor was not just a cameo appearance. His track record of supporting fair wages and workers’ rights isn’t new; it’s the backbone of his political identity. Meanwhile, Trump’s attempts at labor love feel like a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift bought at a gas station—desperate and a little sad.

The UAW throwing its full support behind Biden isn’t just an endorsement; it’s a declaration of which side understands the heart of America’s workforce. Our footage shows the stark difference: Biden stands with workers, not above them, while Trump’s rallies look more like a misguided costume party.


Trump stands for the billionnaires, not the working class. @UAW International Union #dumptrump #uaw #michigancheck #election2024

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In the end, workers face a choice between genuine solidarity and, well, whatever Trump is attempting. It’s clear who truly stands with them, and spoiler alert: it’s not the guy who thinks “union” is just another word to slap on a campaign poster.

Katie Britt’s State of the Union Rebuttal: More Drama Than a Prime-Time Soap

In what was supposed to be the Republican retort to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, Britt decided that subtlety is so last season, and instead, went full-on drama queen, giving us a performance that had more in common with a dystopian drama than a political speech.

Britt, who made history as the youngest Republican ever to sidle up to the Senate bar, didn’t hold back. She took swings at Biden’s economic and border policies with gusto, even telling a misleading story that she pretended was an anecdote about current poor border policies but her story took place during the Bush administration. But it wasn’t her points that had people talking—it was the way she delivered them. Between being on the brink of tears and whispering like she’s sharing state secrets, Britt’s delivery was…let’s go with ‘unique.’

Critics were quick to point out that her performance was reminiscent of a world where women wear red cloaks and bonnets as a daily uniform, and not in a good way. Others couldn’t help but compare her to something you’d see in a late-night comedy sketch, Saturday Night Live got the message and ripped her apart on their next episode, suggesting that perhaps Britt was auditioning for a second career in improv comedy. Overdramatic? Weird? Those were some of the kinder descriptors floating around the internet post-speech.

In her fervent attempt to paint a picture of Americans suffering under Biden’s presidency, Britt’s presentation toggled between teary-eyed despair and emphatic whispers. It seems she was going for “gravely concerned senator,” but ended up more “drama club president on opening night.”

This spectacle has certainly fueled the fire of political discourse, giving both pundits and the Twitterverse plenty to talk about. We even threw our own hat in the ring with a recent video breakdown, because honestly, who could resist?


The GOP for real had a woman from a state without repro rights sit in her kitchen and try to appeal to subhurban women 🙄 #stateoftheunion #katiebritt #republicansbelike

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In the grand scheme of things, Britt’s response will be remembered not so much for its content but for its delivery. In a world where politics often feels like theater, Senator Katie Britt reminded us that sometimes, the show really must go on—whether the critics are ready for it or not.

Echoing Nonsense: MAGA’s Favorite Pastime

Oh, the MAGA movement, where the borders are always under siege, even when the only “invasion” most followers personally experience is the seasonal migration of birds. We recently stumbled upon a gem of a video from the Presidential primary. A MAGA enthusiast, brimming with patriotic fervor, proudly declared that the border was his top issue when voting for President Trump. But wait for the punchline: he admitted he’s as affected by border issues as he is by the plot twists in a telenovela – that is, not at all.

It’s a masterclass in political parroting: repeat after me, “The border is a crisis!” No matter if the closest you’ve come to a border crisis is choosing between Taco Bell and Chipotle. This isn’t just about having a laugh at the expense of one voter’s cognitive dissonance. It’s a spotlight on a favorite MAGA hobby – chanting slogans with the enthusiasm of a sports fan, deeply invested in the game’s outcome, yet blissfully unaware of how the game is played, or why it even matters.

This uncritical repetition of talking points serves as a foundation for MAGA’s group identity. It’s as if the movement handed out scriptbooks at the door: “Here are your concerns. Feel free to not think too deeply about them.” The border crisis? Sure, it sounds dire enough to be worth a shout, even if the most immediate crisis some MAGA followers face are all things democratic policies aim to address..

The beauty of this phenomenon is its simplicity. No need to delve into messy details or entertain complex socio-political realities. Why bother, when a good slogan does the heavy lifting? It turns political discourse into a parrot’s paradise, where the loudest echo wins, disconnected from pesky things like factual accuracy.

Watch the video here:


We chatted with folks in the suburbs just outside of Detriot who had voted in Michigan’s prinary election.This was one voter. #magasinaction #election2024 #michiganprimary #michiganders

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