We are preserving democracy by distilling the truth!

What is our mission?

We are a Michigan based non-profit here to serve up the bitter truth.

What does Distill do?

Distill is bringing the truth to your social media feed. 

The right argues that the media is biased against them, the left says news corporations and social media favor the right. The truth is all media frames the narrative to benefit corporate shareholders and ownership. They want the most clicks and the highest advertising premiums. We are an independent Michigan-based group here to provide you with the facts and give you a simple way to share them with those you influence.

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Combat disinformation online by sharing our content to your social media feed.


Our work in Michigan is focused on getting young people and disengaged people out to vote. We have grown our community to over 65,000 followers in just 10 short months and we are determined to turn each of these followers into voters and activists in their own backyards. Become a donor so we can continue our critical work and expand our reach in 2023. Every dollar helps.


Tired of seeing so much disinformation on your screens? Ready to help us combat "armchair activists? " It's time to step up and join our movement. Help us Distill the truth. Action must be taken now.


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